Service Specification

Service Specification

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  • Delivery time is guaranteed

We have a complete set of strict management system from procurement to production. We promise you that if we cannot deliver on time, we will unconditionally accept your severe punishment. 


  • Turnkey project
  1. Inform the user in advance of the specific preparations before the installation of the equipment, and have a special person to guide;
  2. All equipment installation items such as all control lines, foundation embedded parts, anchor screws and bolts of the equipment are provided;
  3. Our on-site engineer arrives at the user's installation site and communicates with the user to list the equipment installation and commissioning work schedule;
  4. Responsible for the connection of control lines and debugging of equipment;
  5. Production acceptance according to user-specified products;
  6. Responsible for technical training of employees.


  • Warranty in use

Let users be moved by our care and service is the highest state we pursue!


After the installation and commissioning of the equipment is completed, in the first three months after the equipment is put into production, our company will assign a special person to track the usage, actively contact the user's operators, guide them to master the technology quickly and proficiently, and answer the questions they encounter in actual production. question.

The second phase of the return visit:
When the equipment is normally put into use for half a year to a year, the executives of our company will take the initiative to visit users to understand the use of equipment, and listen to users' opinions and suggestions on equipment quality and after-sales service.

The third stage of maintenance:
- When the equipment is used to a certain stage, we will remind you by phone or fax to filter and replace hydraulic oil or lubricating oil;
- In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, remind you of the mandatory replacement of key seals;
- In the second season of high temperature and low temperature, we will call or fax to remind you of the precautions for the use and maintenance of your equipment;
- Free maintenance is provided once a year.

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